Alexis Adrian was born on July 15th, of 1981, in the town of Cupey , Puerto Rico . He is exposed to the tropical rhythms at an early age, like every future musician growing up in the island. Starts showing interest in music when seeing his cousins, Felo and Edwin Serrano, perform with the original line-up, back then, of the merengue band, Grupo Mania. This band, nowadays, is known as one of the most popular and successful musical groups from Puerto Rico . Alexis moves to Cleveland, Ohio, at the age of 9, to receive special medical treatment. He starts his musical development by forming part of the church’s choir, where he learns the basics of melody and harmony, tools that would be the template of his musical career later. With the support of his family, Alexis started his tropical music learning phase at the tender age of 13 with “Los Boyz del Merengue” from Cleveland , Ohio . Is in that band that for the first time in his musical journey, he is exposed to the public, and not only shows his vocal abilities, but his choreographic moves as well. As time went by, Alexis started molding his original style by also learning and applying techniques from other musical genres like Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rock, and Ballad. At the age of 18, decides to form part of the merengue band, “Grupo K-ñon”, who gave him the opportunity to be a lead vocalist for the first time, and stays with them until the late 90’s. At the beginning of the new millennium, Claudio was ready to go to the next level in his young musical career. In the year 2000, the merengue band, Grupo Fuego, in its early stages, but with a different vision, gave Alexis the opportunity of being one of its lead vocalists. Is in this band where Alexis really shines as a singer, and puts in practice all he learned, making him one of the best vocalists of the Cleveland area. In 2003, one of the highlights of his young career was to make finals in the singing contest, “ Cleveland Idol”, among thousand of participants. This experience makes him realize and gives him the confidence of pursuing a solo career later in his life. Around this time, he also finds interest in musical composition. In 2004, sees one of his biggest dreams become reality when recording the vocals for Grupo Fuego’s debut album, produced by 3 times Grammy winner as arranger, Freddie Mendez. Claudio was also the author of the song "Esos Ojitos", one of the strongest tracks of the production. Thanks to his strong work in this production, he starts being noticed at a national and international level. During the past few years, Alexis has felt honored to share the stage with some of the biggest Latin star names, including among others: Victor Manuelle, Elvis Crespo, Jose Alberto “El Canario”, Tito Rojas, Aventura, Monchi y Alexandra, Tito Puente Jr., Ivy Queen, Sonora Carruseles, Fat Joe, Huey Dunbar, Domenic Marte, Charlie Cruz, Gilberto Santa Rosa, and Kinito Mendez. In 2006, Alexis had the opportunity to sing with Grupo Mania, his favorite band, as an invited artist at a live presentation in Puerto Rico . In 2007 decides to take a break from Grupo Fuego and heads to Las Vegas to relieve stress of the daily living. In 2009 moves to Puerto Rico to record with an unreleased band. Taking a break, Alexis is back in 2012 with his solo debut single 15 de Abril, and then followed by "Mi Fanatica ft Lock" which set Alexis back in the position of commercial status. With the success of his first two singles, he released "Vamos a volar" which put him in the charts in Italy , Colombia and Mexico.  Ready to show his self, his way, he is ready to take the world by storm once again.